Blogging and Instagram: Here is Why You Need to Be on the Platform Today

Success in blogging is all about having the right audience to visit the blog, read what you have come up with and share it. Without the right traffic to your blog, you won’t be as influential as you need to be.

Many bloggers are sceptical when it comes to joining Instagram; after all, they think that they have a platform that they can use to pass the message across.

However, statistics will shock you. Studies show that any business worth its name is on Instagram. These brands are promoting their business on this platform and engaging with their audience on the platform.

Researchers have also found out that 6 out of 10 users admit that they learn about a new product on Instagram. Additionally, this platform receives the highest level of interaction compared to Twitter and Facebook.

As a blogger, you are looking for a way to interact with a lot of users. This is the only way you can deliver information to other people. Using Instagram also helps you get more people to read your blog, we shall see how you can do this in a short while.

Get an Audience

Many bloggers end up with no followers on their profile. This can be disturbing and discouraging, to say the least. Even if you are starting from scratch, you can still build a huge audience that will listen to each word you say.

Myth has it that you cannot build the right audience without great content. It is true, you can get the right followers with the right content, but this takes years on end.

To get your audience, you need to connect your Instagram profile to the blog, and then go ahead to link the profile to all the social networks that you have signed up to. Make sure you mention that you are on Instagram and let your web visitors follow you.

Additionally, add the Instagram profile to your emails and other communications. Don’t forget to add the profile to your author’s box.

Finally, you can buy followers for your profile. Though not everyone agrees on this topic, you will find that many people are using Spire to get the number of followers they need to stay relevant in such a volatile industry.

Know Who to Follow

One great way to get noticed is to post content and attract an audience. Another effective way is to engage with your audience. Make sure you comment and like the content that is shared by other users. However, don’t just like any content – make sure the content you like and comment upon is relevant to your niche, and your profession.

Check out the posts that have been made by the users in the blogging niche. Additionally, make sure you find other bloggers that are on Instagram, and then start following their profiles.

Search for hashtags and make sure you find content that is similar to what you own. Comment on the posts and like the posts.

Share Behind-the-scenes Experiences

Being transparent is a great way to build trust and credibility. Make sure you share such content with your audience.

The stuff you share can be you writing a new blog post, recording a video or just an image of the office space that you have just acquired. This content helps you attract more comments and likes.

The Bottom-line

One of the ways for bloggers to expand their reach is to use Instagram. This platform gives you millions of people to share your information and engage with. With the right tools, soon you will have more than local people to talk to – you can extend your reach beyond borders.