From House to Dream Home

Have you ever seen a house and fell immediately in love with it?

It was more than just the looks of the house.  I ignored the hideous paint on the walls and paid attention to the structure and the potential it had.

I found myself imagining myself there with the family I would one day have: working in the garden, relaxing with my partner after a long day, enjoying the breeze from the open bay windows, and rocking the baby to sleep in the upstairs nursery. In those few minutes, I had already imagined the life I wanted in that home.

I never thought dreaming like that would happen to me.


I’m one of those with my feet firmly on the ground; floating to the clouds is a luxury that I’ve never considered. So, when I had that reaction to the house, I knew it had to be a sign. Sometimes you just know.

But a moment of kismet can’t erase a lifetime of practicality. I kept telling myself if that home was meant to be mine, things would fall into place. And they did. The sellers were desperate to get out of that home, so the process moved quickly.

Thirty days after I saw that for sale sign, I had the keys in my hand. It was a surreal moment that seemed to come from my dreams. My feet didn’t seem to touch the ground at all.

However, my dream home needed a bit of love. Since it was an older home, certain aspects of the home needed to be replaced as soon as possible, such as the roof and boiler.

The old boiler worked intermittently. I never knew if my bath would have warm water or not. This drove me crazy. Also, I wanted something more energy efficient. Replacing it with a newer one would end up saving me money in the long run. Thanks to Clapham plumber, the new boiler was installed quickly and efficiently. Considering how much work my home needed, I was sure I’d need to contact that company again for other plumbing needs.

I took my time with the improvements. I didn’t want to rush because I wanted to enjoy the process. As the home changed, it began to reveal its personality. The old, dark paint was lightened up with a pale blue. One of the walls was knocked down to enlarge the kitchen space. That became my favorite room in the house, especially when the sun peeked through the windows as I enjoyed my morning cup of tea.

I wanted my home to impart warmth to anyone who entered the double doors. My grandmother and mother were great at this. I learned so much from watching them. Little touches, like my grandmother’s crocheted afghans and my aunt’s whimsical pottery, helped me achieve the look and atmosphere I wanted.

This was also a great time for me to transition from living with my mom my whole life.

My mom brought over flower and herb transplants from her garden to help me start my Fall garden.

She didn’t say much, but she made sure my kitchen was well stocked with the delicious jellies she canned during the summer. That told me more than anything that she’d miss me.

Finally, I was alone in my home. Now that my mom and the workers were gone, the house felt much bigger. I was still getting used to the creaks and groans that old homes make, but at least I was snuggled in the bed I’ve had since I was a teenager. Eventually I would replace that as well, but I wasn’t ready to let go of my old life just yet.

I thought it would take much longer for the house to feel like home, but I began to feel as if this house had always been a part of me.

It’s hard to explain, but all homes have a feeling to them. You’ll know as soon as you step inside whether the house welcomes you or not.

From the very beginning, this house had been calling to me. At first, I thought it was due to the similarity to my childhood home, but it became more than that.

Every time I pulled into the driveway, a feeling of peace came over me. I’ve always felt a bit awkward in other places, but never here. It’s as if a missing piece within me fell into place.

If you’ve ever had a strong reaction to things or places, take the time to think about it. You may just discover an adventure just waiting for you.