How to Keep Animals Away From Your Garden

How to Keep Animals Away From Your Garden

Your garden is looking all lush, plants flourish from every corner, and it’s such a sight to behold. Then, one morning, you wake up, and the green spinach is gone! Even worse, animal droppings litter the place. It turns out rabbits invaded your garden, and by the look of things, they had a “feast.” The question then becomes what could you have done to keep them at bay? Better yet, what can you do to prevent raccoons from raving your garbage or armadillos from tearing your lawn?

Whether you want to stop squirrels from chewing their way into your yard or dogs from destroying healthy grass, these tips will come in handy.

Use Physical Obstruction

One of the easiest (and efficient) ways to keep animals off your garden is to block all the possible entry points. You may consider netting if you want to protect a particular area such as nursery beds. If you’re going to cover a larger area, you may use barbed wires or spiked needles. These work well for small and big animals such as squirrels and deer.

Erect a fence around your garden to prevent critters from accessing your garden. The Origin Point 342850 Galvanized Garden Fence is an excellent choice for protecting areas such as flowerbeds, patio walks, and pathways. Bury the fence’s lower portion to contain burrowing animals such as squirrels and moles. Keep in mind the animal you want to restrain every time you’re scouting for a fence.

Use Visual Devices

At times, even with best fences, restraining small animals may continue to be a problem. In such cases, visual tools would be helpful. For instance, rats may get scared by an owl-like device for fear of being preyed on. However, you have to be creative if you want to use visual tools to keep animals away from your garden. Choose something that moves or has moving parts to get the desired results.

The Eliminator Robust Electronic Outdoor/Indoor Animal and Rodent Pest Repeller is a perfect tool for scaring away birds, mice, skunks, rabbits, and raccoons. It comes with flashing LED strobe lights to drive away even the most aggressive animals. And the best part is that the built-in infrared motion sensor actives the repeller as soon as a critter lands on your garden. On that note, visit to view a collection of other accessories that can help keep animals away from your garden.

Use a Compost Bin

Sounds odd, right? Well, did you know that a raccoon is likely to invade your yard if there’s an open compost pile? Besides, if your dog likes to get messy, there is every chance that it will frequent the pile leaving your lawn looking untidy. Plus, the pile may attract birds and other unwanted animals.

To avoid the inconvenience that comes with chasing away critters, be sure to invest in compost bin such as the Redmon Green Culture 65-Gallon Compost Bin. And, make sure that the lid remains closed at all time so that you don’t attract the attention of opossums and skunks.

In conclusion, keep reviewing the methods you’re using to deter animals. One approach may work during summer and disappoint in winter so need to keep improvising to stay protected.