Instagram Best Practices for Accounting Firms

Many accountants that offer a myriad of accounting services think they don’t need Instagram at all – wrong notion! You might be right because managing a social media campaign for your accounting firm can be time-consuming, and with such a small staff to do all there is to do on a daily basis, you cannot stand to lose a few to manage the accounts.

But it is one of the best ways to get more visibility and more business to your accounting firm. Instagram represents a very powerful tool for your business that is if you handle it the right way.

While it is true that those businesses with visually appealing products and service get easy time marketing on Instagram, you can still leverage its power in your firm. Here are a few ways to boost your accounting business on Instagram.

Show The World that You are Human

Behind those calculations and the many things that you do as an accounting firm, your audience slowly forgets that you exist, and look at you as just a person seated behind a calculator and a computer calculating cost after cost.

The truth is that if you handle your clients each day via phone or email, they might start thinking that you are either a scam or you aren’t getting any work done at all.

There is usually a dehumanization element when handling non-face to face relationships. The best way to handle this and make things better is to show that your office exists. You want to show the audience that you have staff who work hard to handle all the accounting problems that you experience.

Showcase New Software or Services

Do you use software that no other business uses? Are you adding some functionality to existing software? Are you taking a new certification that will help you deliver better services to your clients? Are you adding a new area of specialization to your practice?

Instagram is the best tool to present any new service or feature of your business. You can share posters about the new features on Instagram. For instance, if you are after a new certification, then add a picture that shows some of the application documents. If you are taking a new course, you can post a picture of the course outline so that your audience knows exactly what you are going t provide in the future.

Nurture the Relationship with Your Clients

Clients are human, and they love it when you appreciate their presence. What you need to do in such a case is to interact with them and show them that you care about their opinion. Talk about one of the clients with congratulatory messages, and tag them in your posts as well. You can also thank them for their business in a separate post or via direct messages.

Grow Your Following

Do you know that the more the followers you have, the more appealing your Instagram profile is to other potential followers? Income Artist talks about a few automation tools that you can use to get the followers that will make you attractive to other potential followers. Take time to review these tools and choose one that suits your profile and goals.

Once you have a huge following, you can now communicate with them and then go ahead to identify and interact with potential leads. Alternatively, check out the followers on your competitors’ pages and identify possible clients.

In Closing

It takes more than posting a few accounting tips on your Instagram account to get followers and leads. What you need is to share content that tells the audience that you are human too.