Instagramming with Bots

Instagrammin’ with Bots – Save Time and Money

Maybe you’re the next fashion blogger? A world traveler perhaps? You’re an independent artist looking to show the world of social media what you represent? Regardless, chances are you understand the power of marketing with social media and the particularly effective of Instagram. Being its major brands, up and coming startups or idols of music or cinema, social media, and Instagram particular seems to be the move.

So, here you are. All of that creative brilliance, a great idea for how to present it to the world, but you lack the know-how for gaining a following. That is what this article is for. You have two really easy options and one not so easy option when it comes to content marketing.

The choice is yours

Option one (for the earnest)

You take the time to fully understand the ins and outs of Instagram. You create a website to backlink to via your bio, craft a theme for all of your content, make sure all of your photos are high quality, properly research what hashtags need to be used to increase content visibility, get a good understanding of peak times for when to upload your content and do all of this while maintaining your creative output offline and keeping in contact with others via social media for collaborations etc.

Option two (for those with cash)

Hire a team of content creators, developers, photographers, videographers, and editors allowing them to do the bulk of the heavy lifting. This will take away some of the creative freedom, but you’re essentially paying them so that you can keep your mind on what it is that you actually do. This frees you to just focus on your designing, photography, music, etc. while allowing you to organically reach your followers through comments and stories on your time. This option means your entire day won’t be Instagram.

Option three (for the secret majority)

While many are vehemently opposed to the usage of bots, these same people can’t deny that bots are effective. When using a bot the majority of the heavy lifting per say is on the program. This frees you to comment on your content or not and you still maintain the freedom to create Instagram stories when you wish. It makes social media on the platform an incredibly low maintenance task while freeing up your time and saving you the money that would otherwise go to a team of curators.

How it works

You create your account, select the photo you want to be uploaded, select the appropriate hashtags, write a caption if you please and go on about your way offline. On your end, that’s the only requirement. The app will go through your list of hashtags, find other account using the same respective hashtags, then like and comment on the matching content. This is relevant because Instagram, like most social media, operates on a principle of reciprocity or “something for something.” This often results in individuals returning to your page to like, comment and follow.

All the above is being done while you’re off living your life and growing your skill in your preferred skill. The only effort truly required is in curating high-quality content to upload and added words of value in your captions. Those are difficult, so long as you’re sincere and original though, so well wishes on your profile. In my opinion, the best Instagram bot app is Adder. If would like to save money while you save time, check out the following for a discount – Follow Adder Coupon – 20% Discount Code Oct. 2017 (Actually Works!)