Long Hours Of Sitting And It’s Effect

With the rise in digital technology, sitting is now the most common posture at the workplace. Most desk workers spend an average of 10 hours a day sitting in front of a computer, which leaves little opportunity for physical activity throughout the day.

As much as it is comfortable to sit in a spot all day, do you know sitting for long hours has negative effects on the health?

Despite the availability flexible gym hours and ergonomic products, scientists believe many desk jockeys will have already done lasting damage to their bodies as a result of sitting down all day. Have you ever wondered what the effects of sitting for a long hour at work are? Then this article is for you to admire .

Effects of Long hours of sitting

  • Gaining weight: Ever wondered why you keep gaining weight even when you hardly eat or sleep? Doctors said it’s simply because you spend too much time sitting and so subconsciously consume a lot of food without even knowing.
  • Poor circulation of blood: Staying in a position for so long can lead to obstructions of the arteries, leading to poor blood circulation. Therefore, it’s recommended to take a brief walk break every few hours.
  • Chronic pain: long hours of sitting down can cause chronic pain of the lower back. Why not avoid this by taking a break of few minutes to rest or walk around or better still get a massage every now and then?
  • Heart disease: When our body burns less fat and blood circulation is poor, there‚Äôs an increased chance of fatty acids blocking the arteries in the heart.

This links inactive sitting to elevated cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease.

Anxiety and depression: Have you ever wondered why majority of people have anxiety and depression issues? Long hours of sitting are one major cause of this.

Those who are fond of sitting at all times do not get to benefit from the health and mood-boosting benefits that come with exercise and staying fit.

At the same time, being in front of the computer or TV all day limits sun exposure and social interaction, which leads to vitamin D deficiency and strong feelings of loneliness.

The side effects mentioned above are understandably worrisome, but all you have to do is to get up and move about the more instead of sitting in a spot all day long