American Standard H2Option Dual Flush – Throne Fit for a King or Queen!!

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Looking for a new toilet is a minefield and certainly if you have never done so before. Mine definitely needs replacing, the cistern takes forever to refill, some of the surface from the rim has come away and it now takes forever to clean. I decided to replace it but with what?? My internet research came up with so many models but they have led me to one, which appears to be the King of Thrones!

The model I am talking about is the American Standard H2Option Dual Flush.

The Detailed Bit: 

Siphonic dual-flush round-front toilet is available in white, bone, and linen colours.

H2Option Dual-Flush System Save water without sacrificing performance with American Standard’s H2Option toilet, the dual flush allows the H2Option to use an average of 25 percent less water than a conventional single-flush toilet. So you can not only rely on the sturdy flush but you can save money on your water usage too. The flush is so quiet so flushing any time of the day would not be an issue.

Nifty PowerWash Rim. This toilet features a pressurised rim. Water is fed into the rim chamber from the tank, trapping air inside and thus pressurizing the chamber. This completely scours and power-washes the bowl. 

In addition to water entering the bowl through the rim, the siphon-jet action also allows the water level to be maintained throughout the entire flush, allowing for a cleaner bowl and flush. 

EverClean Surface is treated inside and out, the toilet features a permanent EverClean antimicrobial surface that inhibits the growth of stain and odour causing bacteria, mould, and mildew on the surface. Less cleaning can only be a good thing.

Beautiful Design: 

It is small with a lit rim. The flush technology is patent pending and is designed to have a shorter flush to save water, yet powerful enough to clean the waste products quickly. The ceramic bowl is coated so this stops bacteria and dirt particles sticking, which means way less cleaning.

The Reality

It does what it promises. It is eco-friendly and I am surprised at how little water it uses. The size of this toilet is perfect for tight space spaces. The tank comes in a separate box from the bowl, and it is shipped completely assembled and ready to bolt to the bowl (with the included hardware). of the bowl are very steep compared to my old bowl, so it evacuates very quickly without all that swirling. It is also coated in a way that seems to prevent “things” from sticking very well, so that means less time with the brush.

The installation was amazingly quick, I was expecting hours and hours. I did assemble myself before installation, to speed the process up slightly but the plumbing aspect from start to finish took less than two hours.

The toilet seat is soft close and the overall toilet design is ergonomic so you sit in a really comfortable position.


Smaller than standard toilets so takes up less room

Stays Clean

Saves money as it uses less water


More technology that could go wrong

Shipping takes 6 weeks from the US


Compared to others on the market and considering how up to date the technology is with this toilet, it is an absolute bargain. I think this toilet would absolutely pay for itself in a couple of years.

I only have positive things to say about this model of toilet. I cannot recommend it enough. As far I can see, so far anyway, there are no downsides. If you need to replace your toilet, I would recommend you buy this one immediately.