Breville 800ESXL 15-Bar Triple-Priming Die-Cast Espresso Machine Review


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Even though an espresso is an everyday thing that can be purchased at your local coffee shops or Starbucks, it’s much cheaper in the long run to purchase an espresso machine and create them in the comfort of your own home. Breville, a company that has brought a variety of espresso machines to the market, has gone above and beyond the regular espresso needs with the 800ESXL. For more choices from Breville, or to check out other great espresso machine brands, check out EspressoWakeUpCall.

Details and Functions

Become your neighborhood’s barista with this unit. With a fifteen bar pump, the standard pressure for household espresso machines, this unit also comes with a purge capability that will adjust the temperature of the water to prepare for the best temperature espresso. Thermoblock systems help with the heater where it controls the functions of the steam and the boiling of water from the reservoir. The stainless steel makes it able to outstand many day to day usages. The dial selector helps to choose what type of action you want performed. This style is like one you would find in a coffee shop, with tons of other features.

The Good of the 800ESXL

Not only do they include the guide to register your personal unit, but they also give great instruction pamphlets. Consumers have reported that this machine is surprisingly quiet while in use compared to other household appliances. It is rather easy to put together and comes with cleaning tools that help you clean out gummed up filters. Using pods on this machine seems is ideal as it brews them perfectly just as a store bought espresso would taste, reported a novice pod user with the 800ESXL.

The Bad, and the Ugly of the 800ESXL

This Breville unit is exceptional in many ways, but in other ways it has it’s faults. Turning the machine off does not completely stop it from receiving power as it will make sounds if still plugged up, reports some consumers. Along with those reports, using the machine seems to be fairly difficult for those who want a push and go type of machine. Although quick to produce what you need, the operations and actions that must be taken, take too long. More of a pro than con, some consumers find that running the machine once before preparing your cup of coffee or espresso helps to kick start it and produce the perfect tasting brew.

Considering this Espresso Machine

There are thousands of choices on the market for an espresso machine that may be a little less expensive, but quality is pricey. If you are looking to become your neighborhood barista, or just serve some great espressos in your home, the 800ESXL unit from Breville is a great option to consider. Each espresso should be blended perfectly, without any grains or too much of a shot, however, sometimes it takes owning an espresso machine such as the 800ESXL to get the job done.