Breville BREBFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor Review

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Food Processors

They don’t get a lot of credit, especially when you aren’t completely sure as to what you’ll need to be doing (when it comes to getting into the best possible stance while you’re cooking, that is) – but that shouldn’t be the case. A lot of food processors are used on a daily basis in commercial kitchens, most of the time when you go out to eat, at least one thing on your plate will have been processed. This could be an abundance of different things, as plenty of people use food processors to create potato pancakes and such. Without this kind of product, I’m not sure if my breakfasts would be the same ever again!

Personally, I love adding as much of a potato-based touch as possible. With breakfast, you always want some sort of hash brown or something to top everything off. I know that eggs and bacon sounds pretty good, but when you throw another layer into the mix, it’s going to be something to truly get used to. You can read all about it here, or just continue on and hope that my review is packed with enough information for you (and I really do hope it is).

Food Processor Features

With this food processor, you’ll always know just how much it’s going to chop up (as well as how long it’s going to take in order to do so). A lot of food processors these days are outdated, but this variety has an LCD screen and everything else you could possibly need. You have a 1 year limited time warranty that will keep you in good standing with your processing needs, and there’s even a storage box that’s used to keep any other additional accessories that may be included. It’s made out of metallic materials, and could be considered as one of the most efficient food processors you’ll ever come across.


With every product, there are going to be cons. With this particular product, and this one would one have one outstanding problem. It’s kind of small when it comes to food processors, but every single processing job will be handled in a timely manner. It’s modern, which is great, but still kind of small.


Oh man, where do I start? The feed chute safety system allows for safe operation, and the solid die-cast metal base provides a high-quality means of processing your food. The processing bowl can hold up to 16 cups of ingredients, and the silicone seal is there to make sure no leakages are present. You are always given two different pushers to use as well, one being small and the other being a larger variety.


Since this is the final bit, I’ll let you go with something special: not all food processors will be sought after. It’s ones like these that make a change for the better possible. You don’t have to limit yourself in the kitchen, it’s completely possible for you to get into something else.