Dynasty Cool Breeze Gel Foam Memory Mattress Review


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Thousands of people do not know that each time they lay down on a spring mattress, they are adding to the bacteria and dust mites that are already trapped in the mattress. For those who have sensitive allergies, a regular spring mattress is definitely not the best choice when choosing the right bedding. Memory foam mattresses have been known to have little to no odor, and even less bacteria and dust build up. Therefore, foam mattresses are easier on allergies than your regular spring mattresses.

Details and Dimensions

This three inch gel foam mattress has cooling technology that will last for years, and is sold under warranty. Four layers of durable, high quality layers and CertiPUR certified, passing comfort and performance testing. The cover is white with suede brown by the corners with an easy to reach zipper for washing purposes. There is also a fire barrier, or layer. This memory foam mattress comes in all different sizes including Twin, Full XL, Full, Twin XL, King, Split King Queen, and California King. There are also Split Calking and Queen RV sizes available for recreational vehicles.

The Strengths of This Gel Foam Mattress

There are many great reports about this mattress, including that there is a chemical smell but it is not overwhelming and it is not noticeable upon the unpacking process. Other consumers have found that it has satisfied their needs of receiving a peaceful nights worth of rest. The gel material that is located in the mattress has been a big hit for temperature changes among couples and individuals that have previously found themselves overheated at night. The gel has helped people sleep cool without sweating, according to consumers. Aside from the mattress itself, the included pillows, upon specific purchase, have also received five star reviews for comfort.

The Weaknesses of this Gel Foam Mattress

One of the major weaknesses that consumers have seen with this gel mattress is that after a few months of usage, it seems to slant slightly. Over time, this slant becomes worse. However, some consumers have chalked it up to being the weight of their partner, but still question why it does not return to the original shape as designed. Another downfall that consumers have pointed out with this gel foam memory mattress is the advertised medium-firm is definitely not what the purchased product offers. Many say that it is hard, like a rock, when they lay on it. Others have complained about continuous back issues since originally starting to sleep on the bed.

In Conclusion

The gel foam mattresses have been dubbed the best memory foam mattresses to hit the market in the past decade. It has cooling features that are ideal for those who live in hotter climates. It can also be a great product for those who have conditions or back issues that require them to have a certain type of firmness or comfort. When considering what to purchase, be sure to check the ratings and reviews from consumers just like you. You may be able to eliminate a dud and find awesome deals on foam mattresses.