Intex Raised Downy Airbed Review


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You know how it goes. You’ve planned a camping trip and have had it all sorted in your head right down to the smallest details for weeks now. Then it happens. That one annoying friend who you’ve always though has a slight princess complex pipes up with the phrase “I can’t sleep on the ground in a sleeping bag, my back will hurt too much.” Brilliant. All of your plans slowly start to unravel in your head, but there is something that can save you so please don’t worry. Fortunately for you Brad has some great ideas about what can help you get through this situation and one of these ideas is an airbed. In today’s review we will be taking a look at the Intex Raised Downy Bed to see if it will suit your camping needs.

What are the features?

This particular airbed is Queen sized so it is plenty big enough for most situation, whether indoor or out without being too large to transport from place to place. There is a high powered, built-in electric pump for hassle free inflation and deflation. It will inflate the mattress in just under five minutes to the desired firmness and this is a very handy feature to have as it will save you (or more likely the friend you trick into doing it) a lot of time and effort. It is raised 22 inches from the floor with a waterproof flocked top (a soft, almost velvet like fabric) and vinyl beams for study construction. You will struggle to roll of this airbed as not only will the indented sides keep your fitted sheets from slipping but they will keep you from doing the same, and a carry bag has been chucked in for ease of storage and transportation.

The Good Points

Many customers who have previously used the Intex air mattress have stated that it is one of the most comfortable beds they have ever slept on, air or not and they would happily recommend it to others. The fact that the pump is encased means that it is an awful lot harder for it to break or for parts to go missing, so this is one less thing for you to worry about.

The Bad Points

Now as it tradition with most products nowadays, for every good review there is a bad one to match it and there have been a reasonable number of customers who have complained about this airbed. A lot of these complaints have been about its poor construction. They have stated that the idea was there but the execution was not! The seems which run the length of the mattress came unglued and rendered the bed useless, and a different customer had complained that their bed ended up looking like a beach ball!

The Conclusion

Sometimes things that seem too good to be true are, and that seems to be the case with this airbed. Whilst there are a good number of positive reviews about it, there are just as many negative ones and this would leave me to believe that it is a purchase you may want to avoid for now.