NutriChef High Power Juice Extractor, Juicer 800 Watt, Stainless Steel

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Juicers are miraculous machines that have helped people successfully fight disease, become healthier, detox their bodies, and in some cases fend off cancer. The power of juicing is incredible on the body and spirit. The idea that you can throw raw vegetables and fruits into a machine which sucks out every good part of natures food, and then you can drink it, absorbing all of the components and vitamins the beautiful food has to offer is miraculous. The only question is, why don’t more people do it? Over 10 years ago, juicing was available but the machines have become much more sophisticated. The obvious problem was the extreme mess it made, however the mess can be contained far better, with better quality juicers. The NutriChef Power Extractor is one of the best juicers in its class for all intents and purposes, and is extremely inexpensive.


-Maximum high yield juice extraction

-Touts that it extracts 35% more juice than other standard juicers (of course, we don’t know which ‘standard’ juicers they are referring to. I doubt it would give a better performance than the best Breville juicer on the market- but it may be better than many other juicers

-Large food insertion tube meaning you don’t have to take the time to cut the veggies and fruit into small places

-Integrated pulp/waste disposal (important)

-Made of plastic and stainless steel blade made to last a long time

-Micro-mesh filters- will help catch pulp making juice more pure


Many juicers are extremely expensive, and this juicer works well and it’s very affordable. It’s extremely easy to use. It has a very powerful motor to distract the juice quickly and efficiently. Most of the parts of this juicer is dishwasher safe, and aside from the mesh part, it’s easy to clean, and easy to store. Fresh juice from vegetables and fruits is just about the best thing a human can digest, so if you’re looking to juice, this is a great starter juicer that works extremely well.


The motor and blade isn’t as powerful as many juicers on the market so putting a whole vegetable or fruit in all at once can jam the machine, whereas other juicers will suck the juice of an entire apple in less than two seconds. The user will probably, as a result, have to cut their veggies and fruit into smaller pieces in order for the best juice extraction. It’s plastic- so it’s not stainless steel. The color of the plastic can rub off, and many people who are allergic to toxins will not appreciate the plastic appliance.

The Bottom Line

If you are a novice in the juicing world, this is a great machine to start with. It’s extremely affordable and it has a fairly good motor which will do well when juicing from cut up veggies and fruits. One recommendation is to put a garbage bag in the integrated waste disposal part, and put the bag’s side over the waste disposal part. It makes things far less messy. If you are a regular juicer and you’re used to heavy duty or high end juicers, this won’t work for you. It’s definitely a juicer for beginners, and people who juice every day as part of their daily meals need something more powerful, like a Breville.