Oster 006706-BG3-000 10 Speed Blender Review


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When most people think of a standard, everyday, reliable kitchen counter-top blender the name they think of Oster and the Simple Blend 100 is usually the image that comes to mind. It has ten speeds, 450 watts of blending power, and comes with a dishwasher safe, BPA-free plastic jar and to go cup for taking that smoothie with you to work in the morning. They don’t call this one the Simple Blend 100 for nothing as it pretty much sticks to the basics where features concerned. There are a few bells and whistles included here however, particularly in the blade and speeds departments. The price cant be beat either, retailing for around $25 this is one of the most economical and useful low-cost blenders that we’ve profiled at Smoothy Makers Paradise!

Blending Made Simple

The Simple Blend is aptly named because it offers ten different speeds to take on even the most difficult ingredients. Puree, chop, whip, mix, grate, blend, grind, liquefy and crush ice with just the push of a couple buttons. First select the low or high setting and then push the corresponding speed selection in order to choose the function that will best break down the ingredients you’ve placed inside of the 6-Cup BPA Free Plastic Jar. The tenth speed is an easy clean setting that allows for simple cleaning of the blades and jar in just thirty seconds.

Simple and Effective Cutting

Every blender is only as good as the blades that are used for blending, chopping, and so on. Oster has equipped the Simple Blend 100 with the company’s Crush Pro 4 Blade, a stainless steel, 4-point blade configuration designed to pulverize, liquefy, grate and grind with total precision. Moving those blades for maximum potency is also a crucial element to the process and having the proper drive is the only way to make sure the blades can perform to the best of their abilities. To that point, Oster has built the base of their blender with an All Metal Drive that provides for a durable metal-to-metal connection guaranteed to blend up to 10,000 smoothies to silky perfection.

The Simple Facts of Imperfection

There are a few drawbacks to this Oster, though they are mostly minor. You really should hold the jar in place on top of the base while you’re blending. The connection isn’t exactly what you’d call locked in and it’s prone to shaking when the blender gets started on breaking down whatever is inside. Once the ingredients become blended that shaking slows, so keeping two hands on this blender is just simple common sense.

Summing Up

The Oster Simple Blend 100 is a reliable and effective unit that offers plenty of speed variations and it also comes with a three year satisfaction guarantee and a ten year warranty for the All-Metal Drive. You don’t get that type of confidence from many manufacturers, but the folks at Oster know that you will love this blender because they’ve built it to perform and last for a long time.