Presto 01264 6-Quart Aluminum Pressure Cooker Review (2nd One?)

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Aluminum Pressure Cookers Made Correctly

Aluminum pressure cookers are given a bad reputation most of the time, but that’s because they aren’t being produced by high quality retailers. Presto is a very well-known brand that will always be associated with pressure cookers, and that doesn’t seem as if it’s going to change anytime soon. You’ll never realize just how much a pressure cooker could help you out in the kitchen, that is, until you actually buy one and hook it up. That’s a life changing experience, as over dramatic as that sounds.

Why Aluminum?

You use the pressure cookers made out of aluminum because it’s going to ensure that your cooker is in good standing for well over a year or two. There’s a warranty included, so even if the pressure cooker is hit with a little bit of rust or something (which doesn’t happen all too often with aluminum), you can just replace it. Get ready, as this is a review that’s going to cover every single feature that comes along with this pressure cooker.

Features of This Cooker

Have you ever thought about cooking meat, fish, chicken and vegetables with the touch of a button? Well, now you can do that without having to struggle. You’ve got the ability to tenderize any type of meat you would like, as long as it’s economically cut. The heavy-gauge aluminum allows for the strongest build around, and the cover lock indicator alerts you of when the cover is properly set in place. If the lid isn’t properly put on, the pressure isn’t going to build up inside. The 12 year warranty will make sure you’re covered in case there are any accidents that happen with your pressure cooker,  and the helper handle will make sure that you never burn yourself while using the cooker. I also thoroughly enjoyed the fact that there’s the option of using this pressure cooker in any region!

The High’s & Low’s

You need to understand the pro’s and con’s, which is why this section is here to help you (much like


The 12 year warranty and cover lock indicator are pretty obvious high’s, and you’re going to find it rather difficult when looking for a different pressure cooker to use. There’s a helper handle that’s going to make taking the lid off (and operating the pressure cooker) efficient in more than one way, and your meat that gets pressure cooked will always end up as tender as ever.


The only problem that I had with this pressure cooker is the rubber seal that this product has, everything else is built to last, but rubber is one thing you really can’t perfect. It didn’t “crap out” on me, but there are people who have mentioned it.

The Final Say

Pressure cookers that are this good haven’t come around all too often, but now there’s no reason to wait anymore. You can just buy this one and rest easy knowing you’ve made the right choice.