Samsung Powerbot Robotic Vacuum Review

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Imagine being able to take a glimpse into the future. In the future I am sure it is a dream of all of us to have robots waiting on us hand and foot so that we never have to have do anything mundane again in our lives. Well, whilst this vision is still some way off at the moment, it is not entirely unfounded as there is a robot that will happily vacuum your house for you and remove all of the dirt within it! Let me introduce you to the Samsung VR9000 Powerbot Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. In this review we will be taking a look at this clever piece of technology and checking out its features, good points, and bad ones too to see whether or not it is worth you spending your hard earned money on it!

So tell me what features it has?

This is a robotic cleaner that knows how to stand out from the crowd. It is 60 times more powerful than the average vacuum and it can roll over most obstacles with ease thanks to its Easy Pass wheels. These same wheels enable the Samsung to easily pass from carpet to hard floor which is something that other robotic vacuums are famed for struggling with. The cyclone force system inside the machine generates a strong centrifugal force, which then separates the dirt and debris into an outer chamber so that the suction force of the vacuum is not lowered. Samsung really have gone all out with this machine, and the visionary mapping system contains an onboard digital camera and ten smart sensors to ensure that the robot can learn the layout of your room and therefore how best to clean it!

Tell me a little more about the positive points

To cut a long story short, one of the biggest positives of this machine is the fact that is can’t half suck! The level of suction in the Samsung machine blows all of its rivals out of the water and should leave your floors with no dirt left on them! The Powerbot is also a very good looking little machine, and you will discover this for yourself when you first take a proper look at one!

And the negative points too

Whilst the on board computer in the Samsung is on the way towards the next level of robotic vacuum cleaners, it is not quite there yet. This machine struggles to identify black coloured furniture, and as a result it can often be seen bumping into it time and time again!

What’s the Conclusion?

If you are looking for a neat little device to help you with your everyday chores then the Samsung could be your knight in shining armour. You can leave it to work whilst you yourself are out at work and when you return home you will have a sparkling clean floor. What more could you want from a device the size of a plate. It looks good, does the job, and it is something you can show off to your friends.