Stamina InTone Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike Review


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Some trends have taken off over the last few years which we have all disapproved of. Examples include Gangnam style, man buns, and wearing your trousers down below your ankles, but there have been a few trends flying the flag for all that is good with the world. The one I can most get behind is the sudden uptake in people buying and using fitness equipment of their own to get in shape from the comfort of their own houses. I much prefer working out behind closed door to avoid any of the looks and stares you get from those who feel like they own the gyms, and I always feel refreshed after a session. In today’s review we are going to be looking at one piece of equipment in particular, the Stamina InTone recumbent exercise bike, and seeing just what it can do!                                 

What features does it have?

This machine is not going to be winning any awards at the technology gym awards anytime soon but that is not to say it doesn’t incorporate any special features into its design. First up, the targeted training multifunction LCD monitor tracks workout time, speed, distance and calories so you will be able to keep note of your workout goals and how close you are to achieving them. The InTone is a simple piece of kit, but it is also a comfortable one as the cushioned seat and seatback make for a very relaxing cycle! If you feel yourself getting stronger and more in shape after a few uses of the bike then the quiet and easy-to-adjust resistance settings allow you to increase (or decrease if necessary) your workout intensity.

How big is it?

The 16.14 x 15.75 x 9.84 inch frame should not worry you at all as this exercise bike is also foldable. This means that once you have completed your workout you can easily store the bike away in a cupboard or spare room without the hassle you may run into with a bigger bike, some of which can be found here at Its 52 pound weight is almost not worth mentioning so I won’t talk about it anymore! 

Tell me the positives

This bike is never going to compete with the big boys in the recumbent bike category but this is ok as it does what it is designed to very well. If you want a basic bike which can be used quickly and easily by almost anyone then look no further.

And the negatives too

As you may have surmised from its looks, the build quality of this bike is not great. Parts have fallen off after it has been used vigorously and things get broken very easily. This makes for a less than ideal piece of workout equipment.

Sum it all up

If I were you I would avoid this exercise bike and go for something slightly higher market. It knows it is a relatively cheap and cheerful but if it breaks as easily as many customers have complained that it does it will just be a waste of money.