Steelcase Leap Chair Review


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Chances are you don’t find the topic of chairs very interesting. If that is the case then that is very sad because these simple methods of resting play a much bigger role in people everyday lives than they realise. If you stop and think about it, you are sitting on a chair for the majority of your life. You get up in the morning to sit down and eat your breakfast. You go to work and either sit in your car or sit on the train. You then get into the office and sit at a desk for 8 hours a day. After this you go home to sit down and watch the TV. I could go on but I’m sure you get the point. As you spend the most time sitting in an office, this is the most crucial chair to get right, and that is why we are going to check out the Steelcase Leap chair today.

So tell me about the features

The general perception is that chairs are limited in the features that they can have due to their simple nature. This is where people are wrong. As technology has moved forward, chairs have kept up and some of them, including the Steelcase, have a lot of handy features for the user to try out. The first of these is the Live Back technology which allows the back of the chair to mimic the users spine shape, and this means that you will be well supported at all times. The arms slide in and out, forward and back, and this also helps you to get your body into a comfortable, natural position. Another good thing about the Steelcase is that it has been tested with weights up to 300lbs, and no discernable difference in performance has been noted.

What are the positive points?

If it was the environmental impact that was putting you off purchasing this chair then you have no reason not to do it as the Steelcase has been designed with the environment in mind and is made of up to 30% recycled materials. Other good points include the additional back support and moveable arms, both of which are designed to add to your comfort.

And what about the negative ones too?

The only negative thing that people have found to say about this chair is to do with its warranty. Customers have said that they have found the customer service team tricky to deal with on occasion, so this could be something worth watching out for.

What is the conclusion?

Put quite simply, this is a very good chair to get if you are looking for a new one to get. It has added lumbar support which is a good feature to have even if you don’t have a bad back, and the fact that previous customers have only ever said good things about its comfort levels speaks volumes. If you are looking for a chair to sit in for 8 hours at a time at your job, then this should be high on your list!