The LS1221 Miter Saw Entire 12-Inch Kit by Makita

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Many home improvement and construction companies invest in several types of saws to help them complete the jobs that they must do. One of the saws that can commonly be found amongst a construction worker is a miter saw. Although sometimes the type of miter saw must have a specific stand with it, many of them can fit on any type of miter stand that is out there on the market. Companies trust miter saws because they are durable and dependable. Many of these same companies have relied on these saws to perform exceptionally well during hard jobs.

Features and Function

With an astounding 15 AMP in the motor you can be assured that the RPMs at 4,000 is a correct estimate, making this device very powerful. The blade is tipped with carbide which makes for easier and more precise cutting ability. There is a brake that is electric so that you can be safe while producing the best results quicker. If you have a bigger piece of material, the fence which pivots allows you to take care of that project too. The handle, which is horizontal and considered a D-handle, is easy to use and comfortable in your hands. You can find other models made by Makita at Straight Kerfs, where you will also find a description and reviews of each product.

The Strengths of the LS1221

A lot of people who have purchased the LS1221 have noticed that the cutting is accurate and the miter saw is powerful enough to cut through each and every project that they have encountered. The table and base were able to be aligned perfectly with the fences square on the table, according to consumers. Consumers also agree that the saw itself was not flimsy and provided a sturdy, stable cut each time. The gages on this saw is easy to red and the saw itself easy to use according to consumers.

The Weaknesses of the LS1221

One of the weaknesses that consumers have come to realize with the LS1221 from Makita is that when you are trying to change out the blade it takes more than one person to do so. There are three different parts that will need a hand available. There is not a laser on this miter saw which has been a downfall to a lot of people when it comes to considering this miter saw. The last complaint that has gained traction throughout the online websites that provide this item, is the shipping process. When packaged consumers claim that the company who ships the product does not add any type of protecting in the box, resulting in the saw being broken upon delivery.

In Conclusion

If you are currently running around to all of the local home improvement and construction sites that you see searching for a miter saw, you are definitely wasting your time and gas. The internet allows you to research certain type of things, such as miter saws, that you are interested in purchasing. You do not have to purchase off of the internet, but you can read through comments and reviews and get an idea of what you should be looking for. Calling around to the local locations can also be difficult if you do not know what information you need to tell them to search. Keep in mind that the purchasing process is very simple online, all you have to do is click.