Things to Keep in Mind Before Renting a Storage Facility

When you need more space to store your items, it makes perfect sense to rent a storage facility. Even then, there are a few considerations to make to ensure that you get the best possible experience. These include:

Accept that Facilities Differ

You must acknowledge that different facilities run things differently. What you get with one facility isn’t necessarily the same as the other. You should, therefore, talk to the service you plan to use to see if it offers what you want. Be sure to shop around so you can have choices.

Padlocks Aren’t Always Safe

Indeed, any storage facility worth your money should have a key and lock. Also, the entire area should have a gate to keep intruders at bay. Of course, you want to use a facility that guarantees that your belongings will remain safe inside the property. But, there is more to security than a padlock and key. You need to ensure that the facility is in a secure location.

In fact, where the unit is located determines if it is safe or not. You don’t want to hire a storage unit operating in an area with high cases of crime. On that note, visit to discover SmartLock, a storage facility situated in one of the safest neighborhoods in Radford.

Be Mindful of the Price

This one goes without saying. You can only use a storage facility whose fees are within your budgetary allocation. Therefore, ask about the charges before you decide to use a particular service. In most cases, you will get a discount if you store your items for an extended period, say six months or more. Discuss the terms of the contract with the facilities. Seek to know what happens if you decide to come for your belongings before the stipulated time elapses. Find out if will get a partial refund as well.

Climate Controlled Units is Non-negotiable

You want to keep your items safe from weather elements. You, therefore, need to make sure that you’re using a facility with climate-controlled units. In other words, the unit should ensure that your belonging doesn’t get affected by the weather. Ensure that the entrance can keep snow and water at bay. Other than that, an ideal unit should have inner insulation to help regulate the temperatures. You’re better off with units that utilize air conditioning and heating appliances.

The Bottom Line

You are spending your cash to hire a storage facility so you should make sure that you get your money’s worth. Keep in mind that your items cost you money so you shouldn’t comprise about their safety when scouting for storage units. On top of that, make sure that there is enough space to accommodate your items. The last thing that you want to do is to stuff your possessions into a small unit.

Also, don’t forget to label the items before storing them. That way, you can locate what you want quickly. Besides, labeling makes it easier to remove your belongings in an orderly fashion with no breakages or scratches.