Tria Hair Removal - Is it Worth It, Really

Tria Hair Removal – Is it Worth It, Really?

Tria Hair Removal is the first and only FDA-approved kit that promises to deliver permanent results for unwanted facial and body hair. The Tria laser is for people with brown to chocolate skin tones and distinct light brown to black body hair.

The FDA approved Tria hair removal as safe for human use following a controlled, peer-reviewed study. In the survey, it became apparent that using Tria hair removal leads to significant permanent results after one year of use.

Up to 73% of the participants in this research lost their facial and body hair in a month after the eighth and last treatment on high setting.

Thirteen of the subjects reported total satisfaction with the procedure. Most of the participants lost up to 70% of their facial and body hair after just two treatments.

Tria Hair Removal is easy to use, and you don’t need prior knowledge to remove your hair safely.

Tria’s Goal

A significant number of Americans are struggling to get rid of their body and facial hair. To make it worse not every hair removal product works as advertised not to mention the risk of lasting skin damage. Additionally, not many products and hair removal methods have the approval of dermatologists or the FDA.

The goal of Tria hair removal is to help you get rid of your body and facial hair fast and easy without the risk of subjecting your skin possible damage or side effects. According to its manufacturers, it will give you smooth, hairless skin after eight treatments (done for 12 months).

When used correctly, the results will remain visible one year after treatment. Even though Tria hair removal does not promise that you will not grow any hair at all after the procedure, results show that any hair that re-grows is less noticeable, smoother and lighter.

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Does it Work?

Tria Hair Removal does work as advertised. And if you have any doubts about it, all you have to do is check its numerous customer reviews. On its manufacturer’s site alone, for instance, the Laser has attracted massive reviews and an impressive rating.

Why would you use Tria Hair Removal customer reviews to tell if it works? Well, such remarks are almost always unbiased and will give an accurate reflection of what previous users feel about a product. That way, you will buy the Laser from the point of information. The thing is – Tria Hair Removal has worked for most users, and the odds are that it will work for you as well.

That said, Tria hair removal is an excellent option to remove your hair as long as you have a fair to medium skin tone, far much better than most hair removal creams on the market.

How Does It Compare to Competitors

Based on its effectiveness, Tria hair removal is arguably one of the best if not the best laser hair removal kits on the market at the moment. When compared to its main competitors such as Boots Smooth skin and the Silk’s SensEpil, the Tria Hair Removal is without a doubt in a class of its own.

It has an ergonomic design and a non-slide grip to reduce fatigue when trying to remove hair from hard to reach places.

Perhaps what sets Tria Hair Removal a cut above its competitors is its FDA approval. This goes to show that its mechanism of hair removal is safe and backed by scientific evidence.

How Does it Work?

Tria Hair Removal uses a diode laser to target melanin (pigment cells) in your hair follicles. The laser light permanently disables the hair follicles ability to regrow without causing damage to the adjacent skin. When the hair cannot grow, the follicle will close down.

As you disable more and more hair follicles, the facial and body hair stops to grow altogether. It is worth noting that you may experience hair re-growth, but the hair is typically fine and unnoticeable.  You will end up with thin, sparse and light-colored hair.

The results will vary from one person to the other, but the Tria Hair Removal manufacturer promises visible results within three months or after two treatments. Some users report a significant change in as soon as five weeks. Some of the factors that determine Tria Laser’s effectiveness and how fast you get the results to include:

  • Frequency of use
  • Thickness and texture of the hair
  • The color of your hair
  • The color of your skin

Tria Hair Removal has five energy levels. For the best results, be sure to set the highest setting that your body can tolerate.

In conclusion, to use or not to use Tria hair removal depends on your choice and needs. In other words, you may not necessarily get the results you’re hoping for.