When Can You Use the DM Feature in Your Small Business?

Instagram’s Direct Messaging (DM) tool is a nifty feature that allows you to send and receive messages, pictures, and videos privately. You can send the messages to one people or up to 15 users at once. This helps you send and receive messages in a targeted fashion.

As a small business, you wish to use any tool to make your engagement grow. If you are using Instagram as one of your social media marketing strategies, using the right DM strategy can help you.

So, how can you use DMs to take your engagement to the next level? Here we go…

Use DMs to Reward Your Top Followers

Among the thousands of Instagram followers on your account, you will have a few that stand out. These few might be the ones engaging with your account the most, or they like your posts the moment you put them up. Top followers are those people that take your brand to another level. When you have such a following, go ahead and express your gratitude using the DM feature.

You can send coupons to these followers and include a relevant photo that they can share on their accounts. Remember that when sending the coupons, you aren’t able to embed a link into the images; instead, you have to send a link in a separate message.

Connect With Influencers in Yoru Niche

One of the ways to build your brand is to use influencers in your niche. Influencers take time to review, feature and post information pertaining to your business in a way that their followers will wish to check out your products or services.

A great way to start the conversation with the influencer is to use Instagram DMs. Sending a DM will get the attention of the influencer faster than sending a request via a comment on their posts.

When sending the DM, make sure you check out the various channels that the influencer runs, so that you know what you are getting. Ask questions regarding the way the whole process works before you can go into any agreement.

Give Exclusive Updates

Some updates are targeted to just a few people, not everyone that follows you. So, when you wish to provide product updates to, say, ten people, then go for DMs. This gives your special customers a peek into an upcoming service or product before it can go public.

Doing this is also a way to tell your loyal customers that you appreciate their business and their opinion.

Run a Contest

You can use DMs to run a contest. Contests provide a way to increase engagement on your posts. You can post the contest as a post and have a condition whereby the first 20 people that send a DM to win a prize.

Another way would be to post a photo, and then the top comments on the photo get a coupon code in their inboxes.

Handle Disputes

Once in a while, you will have a customer that thinks that the type of service he received from you wasn’t satisfactory. Additionally, you might find a buyer who received a product that wasn’t what they ordered. Most of these customers come to your Instagram account venting their anger the way they know best. With DMs, you can talk to them and handle the dispute amicably.


Do you know that you can automate the DM process? Once you have a list of recipients, you can send several messages due to a trigger; say when you get a new follower. Check out The Small Business Blog to know more about automating this feature.